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Training with Mataw-Guro Louelle Lledo

Filipino fighting art of Amara Arkanis specially designed for adults, teens, and children. Everyone can learn this beautiful art of Swords, Sticks, and Empty-hands fighting brought here from the Philippines by Mataw-Guro Louelle Lledo. This is a gradual introduction of the defensive and offensive techniques and sparring maneuvers of Amara Arkanis. If you’ve never studied the martial arts, this is an awesome way to find out if it’s for you!

The ultimate goal of Master Teacher Lou Lledo is to inspire his students to become teachers. And in doing so, they should reach a higher level of understanding. They should improve and exceed not only in his system, but to create a better and always evolving system of their own. To remember that it's not about them, but how they conduct themselves in life and how they inspire and help others.

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Besides Stick-Fighting (Arnis/Escrima), you will also learn Filipino Goju Ryu Karate, and other Filipino, Chinese, and Japanese Weapons. Showing the similarities of each weapon and techniques and translating it into empty hand combat. This will help you adapt to different martial art styles and disciplines as you progress through your training. We welcome both beginners and advanced practitioners, so we may learn from each other.

At Amara Arkanis, we not only teach technique, we build character through inner-strength, courage, vision, respect, and discipline. The spiritual side of martial arts is not ignored.

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Experience the New Horizon of Filipino Martial Arts Education

Visit us at our New Training Location at:

Dr. Lee’s Martial Arts Academy
5 Scott St.
Riverside, New Jersey 08075
(Wednesday 7-10pm)

You can also find us Training at:
Master Keith Mazza's
Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy

3747 Church Road
Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054
(Saturday 1-330pm)

Private Lessons are Available with Mataw Guro Lou on Wednesdays and Saturdays!

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