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To all Amara Arkanisadors,
Welcome to the new horizon of FMA Amara Arkanis Sikaran Zikdokan, Systemeng Praksiyon training programs, courses and technology.

Our Amara Arkanis Sikaran and Zikdokan associated arts academy, involves the creative study of Pantas Maestro Louelle Lledo Jr, Punong Mataw-Guro and his many years of training, exploration of many arts and his years of dedication to teaching where, when and however requested of him.

Amara Arkanis Sikaran Zikdokan Ato Z, technology, has grown to unprecedented proportions. It's boundaries are unlimited, it's future merging with science and will be the motivational activity for the next generation.

What the Amara a to z technology has to offer is the complete study, training programs and teachings methods, of the arts encompassing all combative skills merged with a philosophy of ethics, discipline and harmonious existence for all.

Enjoy your training in the Amara Arkanis Sikaran Zikdokan, Systemeng Praksiyon, as with the wheel turning - advance in whichever direction it takes you - and make your career a lifetime service for yourself and others.

This summer Amara Arkanis Sikaran Zikdokan, will offer tutorial one on one classes for beginners, advance students, teachers or instructors and Mataw-Guros level 1, 2, and 3. Five sessions with certifications for each complete program.
For information on the following programs offered and seminar worhshops contact Punong Mataw-Guro Lou Lledo at: (856) 764- 5401 or Mataw-Guro Marlon Hudak at: (732) 606-7404.

Maraming Salamat Po
Pantas Maestro Lou Lledo Jr.
Head Mataw-Guro and Grandmaster
FMA Amara Arkanis Sikaran Zikdokan A to Z Education Academy

FMA Education

FMA Informative Issue #18
FMA Informative Issue #18
A Dream Becomes A Reality


To understand what Filipino martial arts Education is all about, it is important, first to know who Louelle Lledo is, and second to know his motives and intentions in calling his approach to teaching, Filipino martial arts Education.

What is Armara Arkanis Sistemang Praksiyon? Amara is the acronym for ama (father, male or positive) and mara (mother, female or negative). Arkanis, on the other hand means an art combining empty hands (ka for kamao) and stick fighting (ar-nis). Sistemang Praksiyon is the philosophy involved in the Bernarte Bokil system to differentiate it from the other Brokil systems. Brokil is the term for stick fighting in the province of Pampanga. Some Brokil systems are simply called sinawali. Delfin Bernarte calls his art Brokil, and his system “Sistermang Praksiyon,” which came from his favorite expression, “praksiyon-praksiyon lang.” This term probably comes from the fact that his blows only takes a fraction of a time to deliver. When mastership of the system was passed on to Louelle Lledo, he decided to call his system Amara Arkanis Sistemang Praksiyon Filipino Martial Arts Education, combining all the empty hand, sword, and the stick techniques he learned from the other arts.

He designed a martial arts education program for:
- Beginners in the Filipino martial arts, so they will have a concrete foundation by going through a step-by-step learning of the fundamentals.
- Advance students who did not undergo this type of training, so they will understand the underlying principles of the maneuvers they are executing.
- Prospective teachers so they can better organize a more systematized lesson plan or course of study, for a more effective and efficient teaching and learning of the Filipino martial art.
FMAdigest Special Issue FMA Education
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FMAdigest column FMA Education
by Mataw-Guro Louelle Lledo

The term Filipino martial arts Education is neither an original term nor concept. The first known school where the Filipino martial arts taught were called Bothoan (Butuan), as mentioned in the chronicles of Magellan’s conquest of the Pilippines.

According to the book, “Mga Karunungan sa Larong Arnis,” written by Placido Yambao, published more than 50 years ago:

In more recent history, in 1896, the Tanghalan ng Sandata (Theatre of Weaponry) was established in Manila by Jose de Azas, where Filipino martial arts was openly taught. Even the prestigious Ateneo de Manila started teaching Arnis de Mano in addition to European fencing.
In the 1920’s a group of Arnis experts, established the Kapisanang Dunong at Lakas (Association of Knowledge and Strength), composed of Placido Yambao, Buenaventura Mirafuente, Luis Cruz, Juan Aclan and Francisco dela Cruz. In the 1940’s the association was renamed Tabak ni Bonifacio. All the founders of the association were experienced fighters and recognized instructors of the art by the Magtanggol Sporting Club, headed by Joaquin Galang.
On April 29, 1954, the Tabak ni Bonifacio, then headed by Buenaventura Mirafuente, with the support of Councilor Marciano Santos of Tondo, submitted to the Municipal Council of Manila a resolution to teach Arnis de Mano to all high schools in Manila. This resolution passed, and was enacted on August 6, 1954. This was highly supported by Antonio Maceda, then Superintendent of the City Schools of Manila.

Punong Mataw-Guro Louelle Lledo the Founder of the Mataw-Guro Association

Mataw-Guro Association logo

About the Mataw-Guro Association
The need for a term to convey the meaning of a high standard teacher of the martial arts in the academe environment became necessary. The term Mata-Guro, coined from Mataas na guro was suggested. But the word did not have the “ring” or the “backbone” required. The term was later changed to Mataw, which was coined from mataas ang tanaw (high standard). Thereafter, the term Mataw-Guro or teacher of high standard came about. When Zack Taco, who was born and grew up in Maguindanao, heard the word from Louelle Lledo, Zack confirmed that elders in his hometown always referred to people who are knowledgeable as Mataw. The title Mataw-Guro (knowledgeable teacher or master teacher) thereafter was chosen as the rank of the highest level in the academe.

With the title and the need to form an association of educators agreed upon, it became imperative to set down the qualifications and requirements to be a member. This task fell on the shoulders of Louelle Lledo. He selected the teachers he knows who have a successful program of instruction. He is aware of the success of the program of Professor Armando Soteco and the School of Arnis Professionals. Rodel Dagooc and Yuli Romo’s programs are also very successful. Jose Sidlacan, a Professor of criminology has a program that is adopted by the Philippine National Police Training Academy. They are highly qualified to be the founding- members of the Mataw-guro Association or MGA.

To note again in the Mataw-Guro Association the practitioners are designated with the same title, and the reason is that all are equal in the development of the Mataw-Guro Association which the Association will (once fully established) be comprised of Filipino martial arts practitioners that can properly teach the ABC’s (basics) of the Filipino martial arts.

Punong Mataw-Guro Louelle Lledo Jr. commences Phase 2 - Mataw-Guro Academy

Mataw-Guro Academy logo

Punong Mataw-Guro Louelle Lledo has continued in his dream of the Mataw-Guro providing the education of the Filipino martial arts. So starting Phase 2, Lou has established the Mataw-Guro Academy which consists of practitioners that teach the program to the original mindset that was and has been the goal of the Mataw-Guro.



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